vinho verde

Vinho Verde – Casal Garcia

For my first wine review, I will start with the Vinho Verde which is as ubiquitous in Portugal as Jacobs Creek is in the UK: Casal Garcia. Vinho Verde, for those that don’t know, is very young wine, often a bit lower in alcohol and with a slight fizz.  Although Casal Garcia is said to be looked down upon somewhat by the locals, it is a very fresh, dry and citrusy wine, which goes beautifully with fish and shellfish or light meat. It is also very easy to drink far more of than you intended!

I would add that Casal Garcia, like a lot of dry Portuguese wine is at its best when VERY cold and becomes a lot less pleasant once it loses its chill!

PRICE: approx €3.20

MY VERDICT: 7.5/10

SECOND OPINION (the wife): I could drink this all day (and sometimes do!) – it may not be the connoisseurs choice but I have yet to find a Vinho Verde I like more. 8/10