Portuguese recipes - egg yolks
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Portuguese Recipes – Arroz Doce

One of my favourite Portuguese desserts is arroz doce (rice pudding), so when a friend discovered it on the wonderful Sami’s Colourful World blog, I had to make sure this was the next in my series of Portuguese recipes. Arroz…

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Portuguese tomato salad
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“Portuguese” Tomato Salad

This recipe is my own, but it’s something that was inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe in a BBC Good Food magazine from years gone by. I’ve made it a couple of times recently, in honour of my long-anticipated new…

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Chicken on the BBQ
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The BEST Barbecue Chicken?

Back in the UK, our barbecues were distinctly British. At every one we’d feel the need to cook a bit of everything, and quantity over quality often ruled the day. This is understandable in a country where the climate makes…

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Algarve Orange Cake

Chocolate and Algarve Orange Cake

It is orange season again in the Algarve and my mother-in-law’s orchard is once again laden with more sweet, ripe fruit than we can possibly know what to do with. Returning home with a bag full of oranges, my wife…

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