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Portuguese Recipes – Arroz Doce

One of my favourite Portuguese desserts is arroz doce (rice pudding), so when a friend discovered it on the wonderful Sami’s Colourful World blog, I had to make sure this was the next in my series of Portuguese recipes. Arroz…

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Sausages - splendid, but make sure they're cooked

The A to Z of Portuguese Food – Part 7

S is for Salsichas Salsichas (sausages) form an important part of the Portuguese diet. Varieties abound, from smoked sausages such as chouriço, which can be eaten sliced on their own or used to add flavour to any number of stews…

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Pastel de nata

The A to Z of Portuguese Food – Part 5

M is for mirtilo Mirtilo is Portuguese for blueberry. Blueberries have become something of a treat since we left the UK. At over €3.00 for a small handful, they’ve gone from something I used to eat regularly in England (stirred…

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