Portuguese recipes - egg yolks
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Portuguese Recipes – Arroz Doce

One of my favourite Portuguese desserts is arroz doce (rice pudding), so when a friend discovered it on the wonderful Sami’s Colourful World blog, I had to make sure this was the next in my series of Portuguese recipes. Arroz…

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Portugese / Moroccan Style Carrots

When you sit down in most restaurants in Portugal, you are presented with some bread and a selection of things to nibble on – this can range from some sardine or cheese spread and a few olives, to cheese and…

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Piri-Piri Sauce

Where better for me to start than with the most internationally well-known Portuguese ingredient: Piri-Piri sauce. Although this sauce is available in all manner of differently branded little bottles, it seemed only right that having moved here, we learned to make our…

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