About us

As a keen cook, I have been hugely excited about discovering the flavours of Portugal and attempting to create them at home. The intention is to photograph and explain these attempts – whether successful or otherwise!

Portugal is the home of some fantastic and, in many cases, incredibly cheap wine. Inspired by the sub 2 Euro wine challenges on www.expatsportugal.com and www.emmashouseinportugal.com I have challenged myself to review and rate all of the wine we buy – perhaps one day this site can become a detailed guide to all of the wine of Portugal – assuming I don’t run into problems with gout or alcoholism between now and then!

Please don’t expect expert opinions on wine on this blog – “toasty oak” and “heavy tannin” means nothing to me, but if it tastes like strawberry jam (as one of the pink wines we had last week) I will say so!

I hope you enjoy the blog – please leave some comments so I can provide content you are interested in.