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Vinho Verde Wine Review – Vales de Ambrães

Wine in Portugal - Vales de Ambraes

Vinho Verde is a popular wine in Portugal. It is ‘green’ wine – a light, often slightly sparkling wine made from young grapes. It is the perfect accompaniment to fish, shellfish and other light dishes. It’s also a very refreshing wine to drink on lazy, long, sunny evenings.

Wine in Portugal - Vales de Ambraes

Wine in Portugal – Vales de Ambraes

We have a couple of favourite vinhos verdes but I realised it was well past time to broaden our wine horizons and try a new one. As Vales de Ambrães was on offer in our local supermarket, it seemed the perfect time to try it.

Sadly this was not one of the best vinhos verdes that I have sampled. With quite a heavy, fruity flavour, it was more intense than I expected from a traditional green wine. The bottle recommended it as an accompaniment to white meat and, while it may have been nice with a meal, as a wine to sit and sip on its own it felt a little too robust. It also lacked the slight sparkle that is a feature of most vinhos verdes, coming across as more of a white wine than a traditional green one.

Overall this wine was ok, but not one that I will be buying again. It was telling that of the two of us drinking it, neither of us felt inclined to finish our first glass. Quite simply, there are better vinho verde wines in Portugal for this price or less.

Price: €3.79 in Continente