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Portugal Wine – Wine for Christmas in Portugal

Portugal drinks for Christmas

A rather exciting parcel arrived this morning. Dogoyaro, a loyal reader of Food and Wine Portugal recently recommended Garrafeira Nacional, a large Lisbon wine and spirits store which has a web ordering facility.

Armed with a number of suggestions given to us by the kind people on the Expats Portugal forum, we placed an order for some Christmas drinks, including a number of these wine recommendations. Reviews and write ups will follow as we try these seasonal treats!

Portugal drinks for Christmas

Portugal drinks for Christmas

From left to right, here is a run-down of what we have in our Christmas drinks box:

Offley Rose Port – It’s taken us a while to try this new-fangled pink port idea. We plan to mix it up Pimms-style with soda water and fresh raspberries.

Moscatel de Bacalhoa 2004 – Portuguese moscatel is a wonderful honey-sweet addition to rich Christmas desserts, and it’s ludicrously cheap too. This boxed bad-boy cost €4!

Tio Pepe Fino Sherry – This classic accompaniment from just over the border will accompany any Spanish tapas that find their way into any Christmas celebrations.

Havana Club Rum – After overdoing this during a night out in Seville earlier this year I had vowed I wouldn’t touch it again, but six months on the memory of the Havana-hangover seems to have dissipated. Now I’m just thinking along the lines of lemongrass mojitos.

Raposeira Bruto Super Reserva – A very popular sparkling wine which, in all honesty, I can’t distinguish from “proper” French champagne….which is a good thing when you consider the state of the economy and the fact that this stuff costs €7 and Veuve Clicquot costs €57. This is what our guests will be enjoying on Christmas Eve.

Luis Pato Touriga Rose – A random choice of pink fizz. On Christmas morning it has to be pink.

Marques de Borba 2009 – This very popular Portuguese red is one of those wines that always seems to make someone at the table say, “ooh, this is lovely wine.”

Portuguese Wine Recommendations

Portuguese Wine Recommendations

Quinta de Lagoalva 2009 – A rose randomly selected by my wife on the basis of colour and label design…and why not?

Quinta de Bageiras 2007, Tinto Anfora 2007 and Grao Vasco Red and White – All Christmas wine recommendations from forum members, which we can’t wait to try.

Now all we have to do is remember that we are not supposed to touch our Christmas wine until at least 1st December….but I’m not making any hasty promises.

If anyone else has any Portuguese wine suggestions for the festive season, please leave a comment.