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How to Buy Portugal Wine

Quinta da Alorna Portuguese Wine Review

Whilst browsing the numerous pages online about Portugese wine, i stumbled upon a really well written ‘how to’ guide from The Wine Society website. You can view the wine guide here, and its well worth putting in your bookmarks (i know I have).

If your like me, you love wine but are a bit of a novice when it comes to selecting the best wines out there. These guides really help develop a better understanding of the regions and their grape varieties. Whilst somewhat lesser known for its good wine than its infamous neighbour France, Portugal has gone through a resurgence in the past 20 years, with hillsides abundant with the finest of grapes, now producing arguably some of the best wine in the world.

Of course I am bias, but I’d love to see Portugese wine arrive under the arms of dinner guests more often than it does. And with the above ‘how to’ guide i’ve certainly been ‘re-educating’ friends and family. Indeed i’ve even been planning a trip based entirely on sipping lovely wines from Portugal. Why not eh!

The Wine Society also has a really good selection of wines from Portugal. I’m also eying up a few bottles from Berry Bros & Rudd.