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Red Wine Review – Quinta Dos Currais

Quinta dos Currais Portuguese Wine

We seem to have settled into a bit of a wine rut recently. Each trip to the supermarket or meal out involves us drinking our established favourites. Given the huge range of inexpensive wines that we have yet to try, this is inexcusable.

So, this month we have made an effort to become more adventurous in our wine selection and try out a few unfamiliar bottles.

Quinta dos Currais Portuguese Wine

Quinta dos Currais Portuguese Wine

We selected Quinta Dos Currais Tinto based on its being a gold medal winner in the Concours Mondial awards (looking out for winning stickers has proved to be a rather dependable way of making new discoveries). We weren’t disappointed. This is a lovely, full-bodied wine, which leaves you with a mouthful of spicy, dark, forest fruit flavours.  We had only intended to have a glass each, but somehow the entire bottle disappeared in record time. Highly recommended.

It seems the Quinta Dos Currais range, although not particularly well-known, has won a number of medals in recent years. Based on our first experience, this certainly won’t be the only one of their prize winners that we try.

Price: €3.49 in Jumbo.

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