Rosé Wine – Frei Joao

Frei Joao - Portuguese Rose
Frei Joao - Portuguese Rose

Frei Joao – Portuguese Rose

I think it’s a shame that people always think Mateus when it comes to pink Portuguese wine and that that may put them off trying other Portuguese rosé, especially when dry and fruity wine like this is available so cheaply and is, to us anyway, the perfect guzzling-wine for a barbecue.

Frei Joao is one of the bottles of pink we often choose when in Continente (usually when they are out of Monsaraz Rose, our current favourite.)

This is a delightful deep pink colour with a strong smell of red fruits. The taste is fruity and dry – lots of strawberry and cherry flavours.

This is a cheap wine, so it isn’t one to allow to lose its chill – like a lot of dry Portuguese wine its appeal wanes as it gets warmer, but this is still a more than adequate barbecue staple.


SECOND OPINION (The Wife): “Tastes REALLY pink – that makes sense to me!” 8.5/10