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Chinese Restaurants in Monte Gordo

Xin Yuan Chinese Restaurant - Montegordo

Palácio da China

Located right on the seafront, Palácio da China does sell good Chinese food but unfortunately it is accompanied by rather indifferent service. When this didn’t improve after three visits in quick succession, we were slightly put off (and further put off when we put in a takeaway order to eat on the beach and were given cold sweet and sour sauce!)

The food is decent enough though, and they do a very cheap “tourist menu,” which includes starter, chicken with almonds, rice, drink, dessert and coffee. The food is good and authentic, including the rice which has a good taste and aroma, always a good test.

A mixed plate of starters was a little heavy on the “deep-fried feeling,” but all in all we have enjoyed all the dishes we have tried here.

The other small criticism is the coffee, which always seems to taste distinctly musty….we did wonder whether it was something to do with a residual aftertaste from Chinese food, but we have since had coffee after other Chinese meals and it has tasted fine – so, coffee here is best avoided!

Compared to the Chinese options in Tavira this does give better food, but the service is off-putting. Therefore, if possible I would try the other place in Monte Gordo, which is….

Xin Yuan Chinese Restaurant - Montegordo

Xin Yuan Chinese Restaurant – Montegordo

Xin Yuan

Now our local Chinese of choice, Xin Yuan always offers a warm welcome and the kind of good Chinese food we waited a while to find here in the Algarve.

Everything here tastes really fresh and particular mention should go to the sweet and sour chicken balls which have only as much batter as they need, rather than a huge ball of batter with the chicken lost somewhere within! Prawn dishes come with generous amount of large prawns, and a duck with pineapple dish was a revelation, with a wonderfully fruity sauce.

There are a huge range of set meals here and these provide a good taster of the menu with portions that are generous but not too big (a Chinese meal for two that we can actually finish is a rare thing!)

Finished off with good coffee (that doesn’t taste musty,) and a very indulgent toffee banana with good quality vanilla ice cream (complete with reassuring dark coloured vanilla bits,) a meal here is an inexpensive treat that comes highly recommended.

Reviews of the local Indian restaurants coming soon….