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Red Wine – Moiras Tinto Frutado 2006

Moiras Tinto Frutado

Moiras Tinto Frutado

This does exactly what is says on the tin (or the bottle!) We were attracted to it for two reasons – we wanted a light fruity red to go with a chicken dish AND Continente were (and still are) giving 50% cash back on our card. It is fruity yet flavourful and fits the bill nicely where we would have had a Fleurie or similar when we lived in the UK. This is a cheap and dependable wine from the Alentejo which we will definitely buy again.

PRICE: €3.29 (Continente – with 50% cashback on a Continente card!)


SECOND OPINION (The Wife): Delicious! VERY Frutado! 8/10