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Vinho Verde Rosé Wine – Casal Garcia

Casal Garcia Rose

Some time ago I reviewed Portugal’s popular Casal Garcia vinho verde wine, which is something we tend to drink a lot of to accompany seafood over the summer months. Casal Garcia also produce a delightful, slightly sparkling vinho verde rosé wine, which is wonderful on its own or as the perfect addition to barbecues, chicken dishes and salads.

Casal Garcia Rose

Casal Garcia Rose

Vinho verde’ means ‘green wine,’ but is translated as ‘young wine’ in English.  It is characterised by incredibly fresh and fruity flavours and should ideally be drunk within a year of being bottled. Vinhos verdes are made from a variety of grapes grown in the north western corner of Portugal, where the neighbouring Atlantic creates a rainy, humid atmosphere with cool temperatures.

Casal Garcia’s rosé offering was first produced in 2008. It is bursting with hints of fresh raspberries and strawberries. It’s very drinkable and is always popular with our guests. It’s at its best when served really cold on long, hot summer days.

PRICE: €3.39

MY VERDICT: 8.5/10