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Red Wine – Monte Velho

Monte Velho

Monte Velho

For the last of today’s wine reviews, I’m finishing with a Portuguese classic – Monte Velho. This wine from the Alentejo is hugely popular and available everywhere, including the majority of restaurants. Available in both red and white, it is the red I write of here (the white is also delicious – more another time.) It’s popularity is  justified – this red is rich and lingering yet silky with it. It is full bodied enough to stand up to rich beef and lamb dishes without becoming “cloying” by the end of the bottle. After how much disappointing wine we used to get in the UK at around £7 per bottle, it is quite incredible that we now have this available as a “special treat” wine at under 4 euros per bottle.

PRICE: €3.79 – Everywhere (more in restaurants)


SECOND OPINION (The Wife): Love it, love it, love it – very tasty and dangerously drinkable! 9/10