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Restaurant Antonio Moncarapacho – Review

Antonio's Restaurant Moncarapacho

Fate led us to have dinner in Antonio’s. The seafront restaurant we had originally planned to eat in was full of tourists, and hundreds of mosquitos were feasting on members of the queue. So, on recommendation from some family members who have taken to eating in Antonio’s quite regularly, we set off to Moncarapacho to try this place, which judging by existing web reviews is highly regarded locally.

Things started off well, with very friendly service and some good couvert, including a semi-hard local cheese which was sharp and creamy, and stood out enough to lead us to ask what it was. We were intrigued to be told that the cheese is made “in house,” doesn’t really have a name, and “no” we can’t buy any to take away! I am reliably informed that there is usually a “delicious” home made pate served with the couvert, but sadly none was left when we arrived.

Starters were garlic prawns all round and these were served in a generous quantity, shelled, and more in the style of a Spanish garlic prawns tapa than

Antonio's Restaurant Moncarapacho

Antonio’s Restaurant Moncarapacho

the style usually seen in a Portuguese restaurant. It made a pleasant change to not have to get our hands dirty to eat them, and the quantity of garlic used would have warned off the most determined of vampires!

My main course of seabass was typical grilled fish, well cooked, and it was good to be given the choice of potatoes or chips. However, I was surprised not to be presented with the usual serving of salad. Whether this was forgotten or should have been requested separately I am unsure.

Although my main was perfectly good, I was distracted by plate-envy, brought on by my companion’s prawn curry. Home made and delicious, complete with a dish of sliced bananas to add to the sauce. Between this and the pre-meal cheese, I will definitely be back to Antonio’s, and I know exactly what I will be ordering!

For dessert, I was bowled over by a stand-out apple tart, cooked Austrian style with plenty of cinnamon, and far lighter in reality than it looked on the plate. Mango mousses and coffees were enjoyed by the rest of the party.

We really liked Antonio’s. The décor and lighting are more like an English bistro than a typical traditional Portuguese restaurant which made a refreshing change, the pricing is fair, and the little touches like the special cheese and the bananas with the curry show you are in a place where the owners care about the food on offer. We’ll be back.

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