Rosé Wine – Moinho de Vento

Rose Wine - Moinho de Vento
Rose Wine - Moinho de Vento

Rose Wine – Moinho de Vento

We just had to buy this. It was €0.89! I am always curious to find out if the REALLY cheap wine is drinkable and on a wander around Lidl this bargain from Lisbon caught my attention.

The aroma? Let’s not get too carried away….it smelled of wine, which is as much as you can expect at this price but taste-wise it really wasn’t bad at all. Deep pink and just off dry, with a concentrated strawberry flavour, this was really quite acceptable with a quick mid-week barbeque and washed down our pile of pork-chops admirably.

It tastes a lot stronger than its 9.5% alcohol would suggest but without that nasty “I’m going to regret this tomorrow” aftertaste. All in all, a decent drop of pink wine, elevated above just “decent” by its ludicrously low price.

Interestingly, someone I was chatting to locally the other day asked if I had tried this, so I’m not the only person who has noticed it! Better get back to Lidl to buy another few before they run out.

PRICE: c. €0.89 – Lidl


SECOND OPINION (The Wife): Sweet but not too much so, very drinkable, VERY cheap. 8/10

PS. Apologies for drinking the wine prior to photographing the bottle 🙂