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Takeaway Grill Cabanas Review

Cabanas Take Away Grill

We recently discovered this tiny little takeaway, situated at the western end of Cabanas’s boardwalk, facing the seafront.

The takeaway is next door to the Mariscos & Petiscos restaurant. We have yet to establish whether it is part of the same establishment. The takeaway offers the traditional dishes one would expect – piri piri chicken, ribs, bacalhau à Brás, rice and chips. It also provides some alternative dishes which are less usual for a takeaway of this sort – prawn curry, monkfish kebab and prawn açorda.

Cabanas Take Away Grill

Cabanas Take Away Grill

We’ve tried a number of different dishes and the standard overall has been pretty high. The prawn curry is delicious – very mildly spiced, but rich and creamy, with a generous amount of prawns. The prawns are topped and tailed, making it easy to eat, but it would be easier still if they shelled them completely!

The picanha here is among the best steak I have eaten since moving to Portugal. The secreto of black pork is salty and delicious – so much so that my wife has found it hard to choose anything else when we eat from here!

The only slight disappointment so far has been the side serving of cooked vegetables, which tend to be soggy and sitting in a small pool of cooking water. However, given this is how vegetables in Portugal are often served, this can’t really be seen as a serious criticism.

Portion size seems to vary – the fish kebab is far from generous, while a portion of ribs or secreto is easily enough for two – but the standard of the food has all been very good.

The takeaway also offers a number of extras – desserts, wine, crisps and soft drinks being a few of these. They have promotions on particular items from time to time. The only real fault I have found so far is that the items on offer (most recently jars of interesting looking sauces) have very short expiry dates – in some cases the end of the month – so watch out for that.

Overall this takeaway adds a valuable extra option to the limited takeaway selection in Cabanas – with a friendly team offering cheaply priced, good quality fast food.