Clay chiminea review time

I’ve been an avid outdoor chef for some years now – i’m no expert but i enjoy it none the less and have figured out interesting means to cook, mainly by trial and error (lots of error). Whilst my trusty gas BBQ never lets me down and has the scale to handle any size garden party, my extra large clay chiminea has also added another dimension to cooking meals in the garden.

Chiminea’s originate from Mexico of all places and are typically used for sitting round to keep warm when those nights draw in and get chilly. But you can also use them for cooking on and I’ve got a few specialised attachments which add to the fun.

The most obvious one is the grill I have which is specially designed for chiminea’s. Its not massive, but big enough for some steak and vegetables, and you get that lovely smokey flavour we all love and adore. You’ve really got to let the logs burn down though or its simply too hot and cooks the food too quick.

Another fun addition I have is a smoker which sits on the flume of the chiminea. I add the damp wood chips and use this mainly for fish, which gets slowly smoked. You have to time it just right though or you end up cooking the fish from heat as opposed to smoke – which gives off a different flavour (slow smoking is yummy).

I’m going to get a big smoker this season and see where that takes me!

I’ve also got a cast iron griddle which is fun for toastier sandwiches done in the charcoal embers. Along with a toastier fork stick which the kids enjoy cooking with.

Overall, our chiminea has been a wonderful addition to the patio and we enjoy it very much – especially the cooking; and I often use it in addition to my BBQ for extra space and a different taste. If you haven’t got one, I suggest you head over to Chiminea Shop and check out their clay chiminea range. They also have a huge accessory section with the items I mention above and see what tickle your fancy.