Sunday Dinner – Last Sunday in Portugal

Caribbean Sunday Lunch in Portugal

OK, I admit there isn’t anything remotely Portuguese about the food we chose for Sunday dinner last week. That said, without the mild January weather in the Algarve it wouldn’t have been possible to be outside, beer-basting a spatchcock chicken!

January can be a dull month for cooking. After the excesses of Christmas, nobody fancies anything too rich or fattening. Luckily one of my Christmas presents was the latest book of Caribbean recipes from Levi Roots, and I have been delighted to find that the majority of the ingredients are readily available in Portugal.

So, on Sunday, we constructed the pictured feast from the recipes in the book, bringing some Caribbean sunshine to chase away the post-Christmas blues.

Caribbean Sunday Lunch in Portugal

Caribbean Sunday Lunch in Portugal

The feast consisted of spatchcock chicken, marinated in orange juice, lime juice, toasted cumin seeds and garlic, Fruity mango sauce, grilled onions, oranges and limes, and sauteed sweet potatoes with thyme.

I eagerly await the arrival of our next guests, who should be bringing with them a selection of spices which will allow me to try out some of the more complicated recipes in the book.

For anyone interested, the book can be found here:

Levi Roots Food for Friends: 100 Simple Dishes for Every Occasion