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Vilacetinho vinho verde – wine review

Vilacetinho white wine

Its Saturday night, kids are tucked up and almost asleep, so its time to pop open a bottle of Portuguese wine. A bottle of Vinho Verde from House Vilacetinho to be precise.

The tall bottle reminds me of some pretty awful sweet German wines, but it is labelled in an attractive and enticing way, so I hold my initial prejudice back for the taste test – which of course is more important.

I have to admit that it’s a delightful wine and with every sip it seems to grow on me. Fresh, light, smooth on my palette, with a wonderful citrus zing. Really very nice and goes wonderfully with our Sea Bass meal (provided by my lovely wife).

I see this as an easy wine for any occasion. Not too sophisticated, which isn’t a bad thing as it wasn’t hugely expensive; and perhaps one for relaxing outside in the summer heat after being chilled to perfection.

My wife is a ‘wine sinner’ in that she likes to put an ice-cube in her white wine. I’m not adverse to this approach, especially when it hasn’t reduced in temperature enough. And after trying her glass (greedy that I am), it is just as lovely.

So for our first bottle. We’re both really impressed and naturally looking forwards to polishing it off. Why didn’t I buy two!


A bit about the wine producer

Casa de Vilacetinho is situated in Alpendurada overlooking the River Douro. An ancient estate of prestige, with a fine house of nobility and over 30 hectares of grape vines.

Their website is here. and wine specifics are here