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Red Wine Review – Quinta da Alorna Reserva 2009

Quinta da Alorna Portuguese Wine Review

When the trusted waiter in your favourite restaurant tells you your choice of wine is “fantastic,” you know to expect good things.

Whilst dining at Brisa do Rio in Tavira recently, my dining companion selected a bottle of red that we hadn’t tried before – Quinta da Alorna Reserva 2009. When it arrived at the table we immediately spotted the lovely gold Mundus Vini medal adorning the bottle and our anticipation increased.

Quinta da Alorna Portuguese Wine Review

Quinta da Alorna Portuguese Wine Review

My companion – a somewhat more dedicated wine drinker than I – took charge of trying the wine. He swirled and sloshed his glass around, inhaling deeply of the blended touriga nacional and cabernet sauvignon grapes. The bouquet instantly won him over – before the wine had even reached his lips, he had already declared himself to be in love with it!

Despite such high expectations having been built up, the taste didn’t disappoint – it was full and fruity, with hints of blackcurrant that lingered delightfully in the mouth. Needless to say, the bottle didn’t last long.

This is definitely one that we will be drinking again – I intend to stock up on a few bottles as part of our Christmas selection.

Price: I have yet to find this wine in the supermarket, but other members of the Quinta da Alorna range are available in Continente, starting at €2.98.

UPDATE: We have since found this in Pão de Açúcar for €5.88.