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Restaurant Review – Bangkok Thai Moods, Cascais

Bangkok Thai Moods Cascais

We don’t miss very much about living in London, but one of the things we do miss is easy access to good Thai food. In London there was a Thai restaurant within 100 paces of our front door. Here, we have to drive for an hour to get to the nearest one.

So it was with great excitement that we settled down at one of the outside tables of Bangkok Thai Moods in Cascais, Lisbon, earlier this year.

The meal got off to a good start, with a selection of breaded and filo pastry-wrapped prawns that were light, tasty and non-greasy. With the main course, though, Bangkok really came into its own. We ordered a chicken green curry, a prawn yellow curry and a stir fried noodle dish. Each meal was beautifully flavoured and clearly cooked and presented with care. Servings were generous – so much so that we had to forego dessert.

Bangkok Thai Moods Cascais

Bangkok Thai Moods Cascais

Our only minor complaint was the level of heat in my husband’s prawn yellow curry, which was not as hot as he had hoped. Interestingly the waiter informed us that when the restaurant originally opened the chef was serving much hotter dishes, but that the Portuguese clientele had complained at the level of spice. Thus the heat had been scaled back to suit the Portuguese palate.

The service was attentive and our waiter pleasant, taking the time to chat with us when we showed an interest in the availability of certain Thai food ingredients within Portugal.

Our bill was surprisingly reasonable, especially when we ha been warned by a guidebook that the restaurant is a favoured haunt of celebrities and politicians! We walked away from Bangkok Thai Moods very pleased that after waiting so long to eat Thai food it had more than lived up to our expectations.