Portugal’s Seasonal Produce

Tomatoes - on the way

Not a lot of time to post today as we are off for a short break (see my other blog ) but I did want to briefly write about all of the wonderful new produce available in the markets, and even the supermarkets.

As we are still in our first year in Portugal, every month brings surprises for food lovers like us and enjoying the seasonality of the locally available food is proving a serious pleasure as

Tomatoes - on the way

Tomatoes – on the way

we approach the abundance of summer.

I have been known to whinge in the past on this and my other blog about the poor selection and lack of availability of key items in our local big supermarket, Continente, but at this time of year, even the supermarket that I love to hate has a hugely tempting range of fresh produce.

I think I am now starting to understand that Portuguese supermarkets are less inclined to fly fruit and vegetables halfway around the world to satisfy our whims, and I think it did us good to suffer through a winter with little choice in order to fully appreciate everything now on offer to us.

Strawberries that taste like strawberries should (I don’t know what has happened to English strawberries in recent years,) peaches so juicy you have no option but to eat them over the sink, and faultless tomatoes that you can smell as you approach the display.

Things are looking good in the garden too – our lettuces and rocket are now providing a constant crop meaning we don’t have to buy salad leaves and, excitingly for us, we now have an abundance of spring onions, something you just don’t seem to find here. The herb garden is also doing well, and for people who cook regularly, really does save a noticeable amount of money.

We also have the very beginnings of some small tomatoes and peppers on the balcony – a true taste of summer.

Now all we need is a suggestion as to what to do with a glut of kumquats!