Chicken on the BBQ
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The BEST Barbecue Chicken?

Back in the UK, our barbecues were distinctly British. At every one we’d feel the need to cook a bit of everything, and quantity over quality often ruled the day. This is understandable in a country where the climate makes…

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The Smoking Gun Food Smoker
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Smoking Food in Portugal

I love my kitchen gadgets, and it’s something of a running joke with various family members that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find things I don’t have already. At Christmas, my mother hit the jackpot, with a new gadget that’s…

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Vegetable soup - healthy and cheap

Cheap Portuguese Lunches

Traditionally in our household, we follow the extravagance of the Christmas and New Year period with ‘frugal January.’ This is our annual tradition of living on a tight budget throughout the month of January in order to recover from both…

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Homemade gingerbread - a Christmas essential

Portuguese Christmas Treats

This year will be our fifth Christmas since moving to Portugal. One of the things we worried about before we moved here was that Christmas would not seem like Christmas without traditional English treats like mince pies and gingerbread men….

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